Theraphosa apophysis 3-4cm


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The Pinkfoot Goliath Bird Eater is another one of the largest tarantulas in the world with legs spans reaching up to 28cm (11inches). It also has dusty brown appearance, with reddish hair/setae on the legs and abdomen, but Theraphosa apophysis has an overal pinkish hue that Theraphosa blondi and Theraphosa stirmi don’t have. Seeing a full grown specimen is truly something to behold.

Theraphosa apophysis is very similar to Theraphosa blondi and Theraphosa stirmi except for very subtle differences. Theraphosa apophysis has far more setae/hair on it’s legs in general, with a much more noticeable pinkish/reddish hue over the body. Slings show “pink” feet/tarsi on all leg pairs and their palps are pinkish too. Mature males do possess tibial spurs/hooks.

This species is generally calm, but skittish and nervous when disturbed, causing them to either flick urticating bristles or even display a threat pose accompanied by hissing caused by stridulating the bristles between their fangs. The urticating bristles of Theraphosa species (Type III) are reported to be some of the worst to come in contact with, causing severe itching and burning, so take care when working with this species as you would not like those bristles getting in your soft tissues or eyes.

They are not great as display tarantulas because they love spending time in their hides or burrows.

Venom is expected to be mild like most new world species, except that getting a bite from Theraphosa stirmi could be likened to being stabbed by a fork and the injury itself will be substantially painful regardless of any venom. The species is skittish but is not known for any severe aggression without cause, so bites are not common.

Orgin: Guyana, Venezuela

Lifestyle: Terrestrial

Temperature: 24-28C

Humidity: 70-80%

Leg Span: 28cm


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