Poecilotheria subfusca “lowland” 2.5cm


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This is a high altitude living species from Sri Lanka is a beautiful darker coloured Poecilotheria and what many people think as the most beautiful after the P.metallica. In recent years a Lowland form has also became available which was previously sold as sp. “Bara” though is a hotly debated subject. Care for the same as other Pokies but with cooler temperatures.

Another interesting factor that makes this species popular is that it is one of the few species of Tarantula that can be kept communally (in groups) from the young stages. Several spiderlings can be observed feeding on the same food item. We can usually supply small groups from the same eggsack. In nature it inhabits more xeric areas than most other Indian and Sri-Lankan species, so it needs some lower humidity for keeping in captivity. It lives in silken retreats in hollows of dead and alive trees usually above ground. Unfortunately the number of Poecilotheria spp. in the wild is decreasing due to deforestation (firstly of primary forests) and low ability of adaptation to human impact factors (P.Kirk, P.Charpentier (1996).


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