Poecilotheria metallica 2.5-3cm 10x communal


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Poecilotheria metallica, also known as the Gooty sapphire ornamental, is an Old World species of tarantula. It is the only blue species of the genus Poecilotheria. Like others in its genus it exhibits an intricate fractal-like pattern on the abdomen. The species’ natural habitat is deciduous forest in Andhra Pradesh, in central southern India. It has been classified as Critically endangered by the IUCN.

Poecilotheria metallica has similar intricate geometric body coloration as other Poecilotheria species, but it is the only species in the genus to be covered in blue hair. While it is young, P. metallica is less chromatic, the coloring turns to blue as it matures. This blue is much less significant in the mature males. Males also have more slender bodies, and their legs are longer. The definitive trait of a mature male are the revelation of emboli at the end of their pedipalps following their “mature molt.” Females can be determined through molt confirmations before maturity. When full size, the leg span of P. metallica is 15–20 cm (6–8 in).


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