Nhandu chromatus 2cm


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Scientific name: Nhandu chromatus.

Subfamily: Theraphosinae.

Common names: Brazilian red and white, White striped bird eater.

Previous names: Formerly mistakenly identified as “Lasiodora cristata“.

World spider catalog (≠ Lasiodora cristata)

Type: Terrestrial bird spider. Opportunistic burrower.

Category: New world tarantula.

Urticating setae: Yes (abdomen). The urticating setae of Nhandu chromatus are remarkably effective against mammals.

Venom: Probably mild. No valuable scientific research has been done yet.

Origin: Brazilië, Paraguay.

Body length: ≤ 6-7cm.

Span width: ≤ 17-20cm.

Behavior: Nervous. The spider will try to flee at first. She won’t hesitate to shed its urticating setae or give you an impressive threat pose. Persistent provocation can result in a bite. Urticating setae of Nhandu chromatus are remarkably effective against mammals, especially in the eyes and/or inhalation. Mine is a working class hero, moving lots of substrate once in a while.

Growth rate: Medium.

Life expectancy: Females can become up to 13-15 years old. Males are given a shorter lifetime from 3-4 years.


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