Brachypelma klaasi 1cm


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Brachypelma klaasi (also known as the Mexican pink tarantula) is a tarantula endemic to Mexico and it is the rarest of the genus Brachypelma.

The setae of this species have a uniformly rusty appearance. The coloration is very similar to that of the six species of Brachypelma that are endemic to the west coast. B. boehmei is similar, having black tarsi, orange-yellow metatarsi, tibias and patellas, black femora and coxae and orange-yellow hairs on the opistosoma. It differs only in the carapace, which is yellow-orange in B. boehmei and black in B. klaasi. Another very similar species is B. baumgarteni. Adults of B. klaasi have a body length of about 6–7.5 cm with a 16 cm legspan.


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