Avicularia geroldi 2.5cm


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When considering the appearance of this tarantula, one only needs to look at its common name: Brazilian Blue & Green Pinktoe. Adults are a deep blue color that looks almost iridescent in direct sunlight. Its abdomen is near-black with a subtle blue coloration to it as well. The tips of its legs feature the characteristic pink toes that several other Avicularia tarantulas have.

This coloration isn’t consistent throughout their lives, though. Spiderlings start out quite different. These babies have black feet, beige legs, and a red pattern on the top of their abdomen. They won’t be like this for long, though, as A. geroldi has a medium-to-fast growth rate with males maturing in as little as 2 years.

In terms of sizing, this is an average tarantula. Adult females reach between 5 and 6 inches in legspan with males being a bit smaller. To reach this size, this species will molt several times. fortunately, its colors are most vivid right after a molt, so you’ll get a nice spectacle several times over the course of your ownership.


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